Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer installation services or help with planning my new studio or aerial yoga facility? 
  1. We can provide installation services and help with you understand what you need to set up and be successful.
Where can I get aerial yoga teacher training?
  1. We provide comprehensive aerial yoga trainings at our studio in Sarasota, FL. We also travel to host studios to train their new teachers. Too far away and can’t host a training? Check out ourOnline Aerial Yoga Studio– where you can stream aerial yoga videos right at home.
What will I need to set up my aerial yoga room? 
  1. We will need to know the size of your space (length, width, and height of the ceiling). To provide you with the best information, we need to know what type of ceiling you  are planning to install into. For example: Wooden Frame above sheet rock ceiling (like most homes), drop ceiling with exposed structural beams above, concrete ceiling or exposed structural beams.
How many hammocks can I fit in my space? 
  1. You need at least 6 feet in between the front row of hammocks and the front wall. You can get away with having only 5 feet in between the back row of hammocks and the back wall (but 6 feet is even better). Students should be placed at least 3 feet away from each other if they are in the same row. There should be 5 or more feet between your rows of hammocks. Not sure if you are calculating correctly?Contact ustoday and we can answer your questions!
How long will it take to receive my hammocks? 
  1. All orders over 5 hammocks are considered a custom order. There is a 5-7 business day handling time on all custom orders.
Do you ship internationally? 
  1. Yes, we ship our products worldwide, but purchaser is responsible for any additional import fees, taxes, dutys, tarrifs, and fees. Shipment internationally comes via DHL Express and it takes 5-10 business days after the hammock ships to be received in your home country.
I want to buy more than 1 hammock, do you offer discounts? 
  1. YES! we offer great discounts for bulk/wholesale orders. Check out the packages below that are specially designed for studio setups!
How tall do my ceilings have to be in order to install my hammock? 
  1. Our deluxe model is designed to hang from 9ft ceilings and above. If you’re ceilings are shorter we can modify the hammock at no additional cost, but you would be responsible for letting us know. Leave a note with your order so we can make sure your hammock is made correctly.
Is there a weight limit on your hammocks? 
  1. Our hammocks are rated to hold a very heavy working load (1,000lbs+). However our adjustment straps our only rated to 300lbs.
What are the adjustment straps for? 
  1. The adjustment straps are added to modify the height of your hammock to assist you with inversions and other aerial yoga postures. Our basic kit does NOT include adjustment straps, only our premier and deluxe kits.

Any other questions please do not hesitate to reach us at  order@circusoul.com